Indoor Percussion
You can participate in the Color Guard Nederland competition in different Classes. We will explain these classes briefly below.
As a viewer you can read the information to know what you can expect when watching a show on the floor.
For new groups, we advise you to contact us before you register. It is not nice for your members if they participate in the wrong class .

For the Indoor Percussion, we first have a distinction between the groups choreography bring their action , we call this the Marching Classes , and those who do not : the Concert Class . There is a private class for beginner groups , the Prep Class.
In addition, a subdivision on the basis of age . Groups (only) younger , novice participants , from about 5 to 16 years , can opt for the Cadet Class . This is for both Concert, Marching as Prep Class.
As mentioned previously, the IPC derived from the International Indoor Percussion Circuit in WGI . Within this circuit one knows the A Class , Open Class and World Class . This subdivision we only fit CGN still far in the Marching Class , which can be used in World Class . ( Yet) registered The subdivision is based on experience level , reflected in different levels of content and execution .
The Prep and Cadet Class one knows within WGI and are seen as " Local Classes " .
With this we differ from the WGI principles in the areas of level . The reason we choose here is that first we want to build together with the various participating units. A circuit Based on the experiences of the past years and the input of the WGI judges who have judged in the last few years we have chosen not to introduce yet within CGN . World Class At the time that the groups are to it on the basis of, among other results , CGN will still consider the decision to also participate in the World Class open up.

Cadet Class
Participants in this class are the youngest and least experienced percussion groups . The age range in this class can run from 5 to 16 years . In general, these groups will be characterized by a limited amount of training time . Moreover, the vocabulary will be learning basic principles as its main premise have .
In this class , the true novice is introduced to the learning and development of the very basic principles and qualities. The starting point is to develop an individual training that does justice to the technical growth of each participant . Logic should also be so that the performers are given the opportunity to achieve . A high result in the programs first This is intended to prevent a too high level of participants shows- written with a view to a better result - on (overwrite) . Too high a written show deprives the percussion members healthy and necessary training and development .

The Prep Class
This is the class for participants in the field of music and / or choreography have not had much experience . Participants would like to be part of the IPC competition and also the instrumentation for the Marching Class . It is not mandatory in this class perform a choreography but it is expected that attention is paid to visual aspects and General Effect . This is the stepping stone to the Marching Class where a complete choreography walked and played .

Marching A Class
The A Class is the basis of the Indoor Percussion activity in the Netherlands . Participants are not yet very experienced and want to learn through competition. The purpose of CGN / IPC is to assist in their training and development by providing constructive criticism in a logical order . Participants on the basis of the performance of these groups
The focus is primarily on training and implementation of the program .

Marching Open Class
This is the class for the more experienced participants or groups with a more experienced team of instructors . This is a very interesting class because here one knows the business well and the participants are going to be judged in terms of performance and design . At a higher level The groups have creative concepts show . It is understood that a higher level of development and creativity , owning more advanced training of the performers , but also a better knowledge by a team of instructors is required.
They are enthusiastic and have a strong desire to develop further and to explore new dimensions. They are not afraid to show their skills and test in a more challenging environment . Their skills There should be , where it is fully aware that further growth always requires first additional training and new . Developing a steady yet quiet and logical growth
Most percussion groups known 2 to 4 instructors . Some will enable designers from the outside to give . Helping shape their programs It is in this class that advanced members are ( the ) 'performance' face new challenges . Moreover, they are increasingly aware of the range ( scale ) in ( to ) learn from each new and more complex skills . The percussion group experienced greater freedom in their creative process now plays an important role in their development . In this growth tendency to want to overwrite the program.
The groups have to stick to a strong performance in this important development .

Concert Class
This competition is for those groups for which the main element is the exploration and development of musical presentations . The repertoire may consist of original compositions and / or arrangements or transcriptions of existing material . In this competition , the arrangement is such that it produces the sound from a stationary position . Paradigms for the concert class can be achieved with each of these an equal opportunity to succeed. From ANY musical idiom
The emphasis is on the judging artistry and performance qualities of the players and artistry and difficulty of the program .